Noah Lloyd-Edelman

Web Developer, User-Experience Designer, Technical Writer


I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way.

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In 1998, I created an abomination from scrap computers at my elementary school. It lived in a surgical gray case, with dreadlocks of wires. The four fans weren’t quiet either...

That desktop was eventually replaced, but that spark of curiosity never died. In middle school it manifested as video games. During high school it was web development. While attending university, my Department of Defense research introduced me to human-computer interaction. A few years after that, I graduated from university and switched to pursuing user-experience design. My mission is to find new ways to build elegant interfaces and provide useful information through digital mediums.

I love solving problems, whether it’s the logistics of backpacking through 16 countries, frantically typing at a hackathon, living in Tokyo, rock climbing, or designing interfaces. Time, as cliche as it sounds, is the most valuable resource we have, and I have to chosen to dedicate myself to building things which are efficient, fun, and of course useful.

Like my grandfather used to say, “everything is good to know”.


Smooth seas don't make skillful sailors.

Web Developer

General Dynamics Information Technology || Naval Postgraduate School || Monterey, CA

January 2017 - Present

  • Builds and maintains web applications on a daily basis using:
    • Django (Python 3)
    • Node.js (ES8 JavaScript)
    • React / Redux / webpack
    • PostgreSQL / MySQL
    • Docker / Gitlab
  • Other technologies used: Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, JIRA, Balsamiq, Visio, Excel, Trello, Git, and Gitlab.
  • Project responsibilities include: project management, lo- and hi-fidelity mockups, interactive prototyping, coding, documentation, and project maintenance
  • I managed two teams of two to three developers for two months
  • My projects have included:
    • Lead developer for a wargame simulator, which was presented two times at The Pentagon and used in one course
    • Developer and manager for a hurricane simulator
    • Web developer for a clerical assistance application, which simplified several hundred work flows and thousands of documents, into a three-page checklist

Customer Success Engineer

Transifex || Menlo Park, CA

October 2014 - September 2015

  • Monitored web and support traffic and implemented strategies to alleviate the support ticket load from 500 unanswered tickets, to all tickets being answered within 12 hours
  • Handled ~47% support traffic while maintaining the highest volume of answered tickets and the highest customer satisfaction ratings for several consecutive months
  • Taught both technical and non-technical customers about best software practices, optimal product workflows, and performed real-time debugging and system setup
  • Collaborated on a daily basis with managers, developers, customers, and sales staff to deliver time critical features and hotfixes
  • Updated the documentation, search engine, and marketing websites on a weekly basis, which significantly reduced customer churn and support traffic
  • Worked as a sales engineer for several months

UX Designer and Web Developer

Freelance || San Francisco, CA

March 2014 - September 2014

  • Designed and coded several static portfolio and business websites using WordPress, Photoshop, HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • Worked with an online inventory management company to redesign the interface of their web application
  • Performed security and backup audits of several home networks and computers
  • Upgraded computer hardware, updated software, and set up office equipment approx. two times per month

UX Designer and Web Developer

Freelance || Santa Cruz, CA

March 2012 - January 2013

  • Redesigned, developed, launched, and maintained an online store for a local business over a six-month period
  • Worked as a front-end web developer for two e-commerce websites by updating page designs and CSS styling
  • Updated customer’s business websites approx. 1 week per month for several months

Human-Computer Interaction Researcher

Navy || Naval Postgraduate School || Monterey, CA

June 2008 - August 2011

  • Teaching assistant for CS3004: Human Computer Interaction for two quarters
  • Handled website and IT requests, concerns, and inquiries of approx. 75 employees on a daily basis
  • Updated two department websites multiple times per week concerning department news, project updates, event notices, and staff changes
  • Wrote dozens of user manuals for virtual and augmented reality devices
  • Supervised several summer interns by assigned tasks, mentoring, and monitoring project development for two years
  • Presented projects to sponsors and VIP visitors approx. two times per month
  • Designed, debugged, and compatibility tested a department website with a graphic designer and web developer team
  • Utilized Microsoft Excel and in-house image editing software to gather and input augmented reality training data for a machine vision project
  • Configured, presented, and demonstrated a gesture-based flight simulator
  • Built and configured two machine vision and virtual reality desktop computers


Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

UX Design

Information Architecture

Technical Writing

Web Development

Visual Design

Product Management

JavaScript web technology stack:
  • JavaScript (ES8), Node.js
  • React.js, Redux.js, Express.js, d3.js (learning)
  • MySQL, Passport
  • Docker, webpack, Grunt, Bower
Python technology stack:
  • Django, Flask
  • BeautifulSoup, Requests, Pillow
  • PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy
  • jQuery
  • Docker, Jupyter
Management and prototyping tools:
  • Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Adobe XD (learning)
  • JIRA, Trello, Gitlab, Git
  • Balsamiq, Visio
  • Excel
Other fields of experience:
  • Project manager
  • Sales engineer
  • Scrum / kanban leader
  • Teaching assistant


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

University of California, Santa Cruz

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science - Graduated: 2013

California State University, Monterey Bay

Undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Psychology

Case Studies

Passion is the result of action, not the cause of it.


A master has failed more times than a beginner has tried.


Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.